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Hasn’t science disproved Christianity?

  • Many scientists are Christians today. They see in the wonderful and perfect design of the world around and the universe, the hand and mind of a great Creator. Indeed it was the Christian belief in a faithful and trustworthy God who created an ordered universe that made scientific investigation possible at all.
  • When people ask that question they are most often thinking of the Theory of Evolution as disproving Christianity. Again many scientists today, even non-Christian scientists have found many problems with the Theory of Evolution. There are still gaps in the fossil record; how are fossils formed in any case; how do complex biological systems get in place when all the pieces need to work at the same time to work at all, and so on. But the key question this raises is this:- is all existence, including your life and mine, simply the result of the accidents of evolutionary mutations; or did God create all things, including you and me for a life that has a meaning, plan and purpose? Christians believe in a creating God who has a purpose for us not only now, but for eternity.
  • Sometimes people raise this question, so that they avoid facing the need to bow before God, and follow His ways. If we can argue that there is no God, then there are no rules except the ones we choose to make and so we make ourselves free of moral laws. Yet we instinctively know that some things are right and some are wrong. This is its own testimony to a good and righteous God who made human beings in His image to reflect Him.

  • For some there will be questions that really bother you. Try a reputable Creation Science site like Creation Ministries International who have many prominent and internationally recognised scientists in their field writing for them. Their site is If you have a specific question you can e-mail us at the contact link and we will try to answer, or point you in the right direction.