Torry United Free Church of Scotland

Sunday Worship 11am & 6pm

God-is He out there?

"God Is He Out There?"

Begins Friday 27th January at Tullos Primary School 7pm

Would you like to know more about God, the Bible or Christianity? 

This is an opportunity to come to talk, ask questions and learn more in a 

Coffee  Cake

relaxed atmosphere There will be tea and coffee provided 

We will be meeting for seven Fridays. You can come to them all or whenever you are available.


We will be thinking about a different question each week like, If God exists what is he like? If God exists what does it have to do with me? If God exists what's wrong with our world? If God exists what's Jesus got do with it? and more. 

'God is He Out There?' is a short book written by a guy called Mez Mcconnell. You can watch a video about his story here 

If you are interested in coming along contact Lewis Campbell by phone 01224 890524 or e-mail Lewis Campbell. If you are not able to come along but are still interested in knowing more please contact Lewis anyway Also if you would just like a free copy of the book to read in your own time, please let me know.